About us


“Let’s wander and Adopt the pace of nature.” All our luxury villas are pool facing and have a unique architecture that is befitting of the environment around and is imbued with a sense of calmness and serenity.  If you are looking for a pleasant and peaceful sojourn, away from the city noises, then hop into one of our Resort that have all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Athirappally, the divine destination where nature meets adventure.

Our Resort gives you a Memorable experience with the Nature!.Our Rooms are fully timber constructed and thereby giving the coolest stay ever!..Feel the musical strings of nature reverberate around you as you stand at your balcony nestled among the surrounding trees and your eyes gaze into the distant waterfall whose rhythmic timbre will sooth your inner soul. The resort features furnished rooms with private balcony, a large swimming pool, conference hall, multi-cuisine dining, and a host of other environmentally friendly activities along its picturesque river trails. The view of the foreground from any part of the resort is soothing and fascinating. The compound is fairly large, providing plenty of space to walk around and enjoy raw nature.